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Provost's Picks

Creole Italian: Sicilian Immigrants and the Shaping of New Orleans Food Culture

Creole Italian chronicles how the business of food, broadly conceived, dictated the reasoning, means, and outcomes for a large portion of the nearly forty thousand Sicilian immigrants who entered America through the port of New Orleans in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries and how their actions and those of their descendants helped shape the food town we know today.

Justin A. Nystrom, Ph.D.
Justin A. Nystrom, Ph.D.

Time Series Econometrics: Learning Through Replication

This book rejects the theorem-proof approach as much as possible, and instead, emphasizes the practical application of econometrics.

John D. Levendis, Ph.D.
John D. Levendis, Ph.D.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Laurie Anne Ferguson, DNO reviewed clinical guidelines for deep vein thrombosis in the textbook Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care, 3rd edition

Laurie Anne Ferguson, DNP
Laurie Anne Ferguson, DNP

God's Country

Daniel Lievens designed a six-volume set of books of photography with each book dedicated to a single parish in Louisiana that represents the very different landscapes of the state. The covers, when laid out together, form a map of Louisiana showing the locations of each of the 6 parishes.

Daniel Lievens
Daniel Lievens

Entrepreneurial Family Values and the Modern Moonshiner: Appalachian Craft Distilling beyond its Neoliberal Frame

This chapter in Modern Moonshine: The Revival of White Whiskey in the Twenty-First Century examines the neoliberal context of the recent licit craft moonshine industry in order to imagine ways it might avoid reinforcing conservative social values.

Jason Ezell, Ph.D.
Jason Ezell, Ph.D.

New Orleans' Eviction Geography: Results of an Increasingly Precarious Market

Results of an Increasingly Precarious Market is the first comprehensive report on the escalating eviction crisis in New Orleans, and provides policy recommendations at the state and municipal level to lessen the amount of evictions. Evictions cause lasting damages to individuals and families, and are disproportionately impacting Black New Orleanians.

Davida Finger, J.D.
Davida Finger, J.D.

Other Works

College of Arts & Sciences

Paul Barnes, Ph.D.

"Ozone depletion, ultraviolet radiation, climate change and prospects for a sustainable future"; Nature Sustainability

Eileen J. Doll, Ph.D. (with Editors Cerstin Bauer-Funke / Wilfried Floeck / Manfred Tietz)

Espacios en el teatro español español y latinoamericano desde el siglo XIX hasta la actualidad; Georg Olms Verlag

Patricia Dorn, Ph.D., with S. Justi, C. Dale, L. Stevens, C. Galvão, M.C. Monroy

"Description of Triatoma mopan sp. n. (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae) from a cave in Belize"; ZooKeys

Kathleen Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Hungry at the Banquet: Food Insecurity in Louisiana 2018; JSRI

Armin Kargol, Ph.D.

Introduction to Cellular Biophysics, Part I, Membrane Transport Mechanisms; Morgan and Claypool

Mark Yakich, Ph.D.

Spiritual Exercises; Penguin

with John Biguenet, Ph.D.

Interviews from the Edge: 50 Years of Conversations about Writing & Resistance; Bloomsbury

Christopher Schaberg, Ph.D

The Work of Literature in an Age of Post-Truth; Bloomsbury

Uriel Quesada, Ph.D.

La invención y el olvido; Uruk Editores, 2018

Jim Atwood

with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in Carnegie Hall

Concerto soloist in performance of Phillip Gass' "Concerto Fantasied for Two Timpanists and Orchestra"

College of Business

Todd J. Bacile, Ph.D.

with Jeremy Wolter, Alexis Allen, and Pei Xu

“The Effects of Online Incivility and Consumer-to-Consumer Interactional Justice on Complainants, Observers, and Service Providers During Social Media Service Recovery”; Journal of Interactive Marketing

with Alexa Fox, Chinintorn Nakhata, and Aleshia Weible

“Selfie-Marketing: Exploring Narcissism and Self-Concept in Visual User-Generated Content on Social Media”; Journal of Consumer Marketing

with Jeremy Wolter, Alexis Allen, Pei Xu and Tara Luck Mariano

“Customer-to-Customer Interactional Justice: A New Challenge for Service Recovery via Social Media”; presented at Academy of Marketing Science, New Orleans, LA

Walter Block, Ph.D.

with John Levendis and Robert B. Eckhardt

“Evolutionary psychology, economic freedom, trade and benevolence”, Review of Economic Perspectives - Národohospodářský obzor

“Human shields, missiles, negative homesteading and libertarianism”, Ekonomia Wroclaw Economic Review

“Response to J.C. Lester on David Friedman on Libertarian Theory.” Management Education Science Technology Journal

With Antón Chamberlin

“Climate? Paper or Plastic? Pollution? It Doesn’t Matter-Freedom is the Solution”; International Journal of Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility

with Rafi Farber and Alan Futerman

“Reply to Mosquito on Israel and libertarianism”; Review of Social and Economic Issues

“The case for punishing those responsible for minimum wage laws, rent control and protectionist tariffs”; Revista Jurídica Cesumar – Mestrado

Mehmet F. Dicle, Ph.D.

“Increasing return response to changes in risk”; Review of Financial Economics

“US implied volatility as a predictor of international returns”; Southwest Finance Association, Albuquerque, NM

“Asymmetric return response to expected risk”; Southwest Finance Association, Albuquerque, NM

with John Levendis

“IPO activity and market volatility”; Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

with Betul Dicle

“Content analysis: Frequency distribution of words”; Stata Journal

“Scottish independence referendum: Risky or not?”; Southern Political Science Association, New Orleans, LA and Southwest Finance Association, Albuquerque, NM

with Betul Dicle and Aydin Beyhan

“Economic openness: Risk, return and growth perspective”; Southern Political Science Association, New Orleans, LA

Leo Krasnozhon, Ph.D.

with M. Bunyk

“Liberalism and great upheaval: What did classical liberals do in the Tsarist Russia?”; Constitutional Political Economy

“Economic liberalism in Ukraine”; Econ Journal Watch

“The role of the German Historical School in the development of Mises’s thought”; The Review of Austrian Economics

“Classical Liberalism in Eastern Europe: Very Vibrant but Mild” in Michael Douma and Phil Magness, eds., Classical Liberal History; Lexington Books

with John Levendis

“Weekend racer: Cheating and self-governance in road racing”; Economics of Governance

John Levendis, Ph.D.

with Walter Block and Robert Eckhardt

“Evolutionary psychology, economic freedom, trade and benevolence.” Review of Economic Perspectives - Národohospodářský Obzor

Adam Mills, Ph.D.

with Robson, K.

“Brand Management in the Era of Fake News: Narrative Response as a Strategy to Insulate Brand Value”; Journal of Product and Brand Management

Wwth Pitt, C., Ferguson, S.L.

“Fake News: Advertising and Brand Management in the Era of Falsehood”; Journal of Advertising Research

with Bolton, R.N., Chapman, R.G.

“Harnessing Digital Disruption with Marketing Simulations”;

with Berthon, P.R., Pitt, C.

“Agile Authorship: Evolving Models of Innovation for Information-Intensive Offerings”; Journal of Business Research

“Services Marketing”; In Beitelspacher, L. (Ed.) Connect Master: Marketing. New York: McGraw Hill.

“Marketing Research”; In Beitelspacher, L. (Ed.) Connect Master: Marketing. New York: McGraw Hill.

Kendra Reed, Ph.D.

with Baum, N.

"Zap Your Gaps—Closing the Gaps in Your Practice". Medical Practice Management

Denver Travis, Ph.D.

with Joseph C. Smolira

"Using Political Event Derivatives to Illustrate the Binomial Option Pricing Model"; Advances in Financial Education

Frankie Weinberg, Ph.D.

“Why does role modeling so often have null effects? How mentee professional identity affects mentoring dynamics and toward a theory of authentic mentoring”; Group and Organization Management.

with Locander, D. A., and Locander, W. B.

“The Mediating Role of Sales Department Innovation Orientation on Creative Selling”; Journal of Managerial Issues

with Bosco, F. A., & Oswald, F. L.

“How the World's Largest Database of Social Science Research Can Inform Policy making”; Scholars Strategy Network Key Findings

“A diversity of approaches, viewpoints, and motivations: Review of ‘Gender diversity in the boardroom.’” Management Learning

”Gendered Communication and Career Outcomes: A Construct Validation and Prediction of Hierarchical Advancement and Non-Hierarchical Rewards”; Communications Research

College of Law

John Blevins, J.D.

"The Use and Abuse of 'Light-Touch' Internet Regulation"; 99 Boston University Law Review 177 (2019)

Cheryl Prestenback Buchert, J.D.

with Rebecca Gilson

Family Law Chapter in Volume One of Louisiana Civil Practice Forms 2019 Edition; Thomson Reuters

Mitchell Crusto, J.D.

"Right to Life: Interest-Convergence Policing"; Rutgers University Law Review , Vol 71, Issue 1

Nikolaos A. Davrados, Ph.D.

"Demystifying Enrichment Without Cause"; Louisiana Law Review, 2018

"Louisiana My Home Sweet Home: Decodifying Domicile"; Loyola Law Review, 2018

Davida Finger, J.D.

"The Eviction Geography of New Orleans: An Empirical Study to Further Housing Justice"; University of District of Columbia Law Review

Robert Garda, Jr., J.D.

"The Mississippi Charter School Act: Will It Produce Effective and Equitable Charter Schools?"; 36 Miss. C. L. Rev. 265 (2018)

Johanna Kalb, J.D.

"Womac Distinguished Professor of Law Gideon Incarcerated: Access to Counsel in Pre-Trial Detention"; 9 U.C. Irvine Law Review 101 (2018)

with Martha Davis and Risa Kaufman

Human Rights Advocacy in the United States (2d Ed); West Academic

Hector Linares, J.D.

"Expungement Reform Helps Those with Juvenile Records Wipe the Slate Clean"; Louisiana Bar Journal

Imre Stephen Szalai, J.D.

"The Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision in New Prime Inc. v. Oliveira: A Panoptic View of America’s Civil Justice System and Arbitration"; 68 Emory Law Journal Online 1059 (2019)

"A New Legal Framework for Employee and Consumer Arbitration"; 19 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 653 (2018)

"Reconciling Fault Lines in Arbitration and Redefining Arbitration Through the Broader Lens of Procedure"; 18 Nevada Law Journal 511 (2018) (invited symposium contribution)

"The Failure of Legal Ethics to Address the Abuses of Forced Arbitration"; 24 Harvard Negotiation Law Review 127 (2018)

"Empirical Report on Consumer Arbitration Agreements Among America’s Top Companies"; 52 U.C. Davis Law Review Online 233 (2019)

Sandi Varnado, J.D.

with Melissa T. Lonegrass, J.D. and Christopher K. Odinet, J.D.

Sale, Lease, and Advanced Obligations; Carolina Academic Press

Monica Hof Wallace, J.D.

"A Primer on Natural and Juridical Persons in Louisiana"; Loyola Law Review

"A Primer on Marriage in Louisiana"; Loyola Law Review

"A Primer on Divorce in Louisiana"; Loyola Law Review

"A Primer on Child Custody in Louisiana"; Loyola Law Review

M. Isabel Medina, J.D.

In Re Wallace; Legal briefs

In re Machado; Legal Briefs

"Perspectives on Touching"; Feminist Law Professors Blog

Robert R.M. Verchick, J.D

with Rosemary Lyster, eds.

Climate Disaster Law: Barriers and Opportunities; Edward Elgar Publishing

Jeanne M. Woods, J.D.

with Sarah M. Lambert

"The Collapse of Democracy: the Flint Water Crisis from a Human Rights Perspective"; Loyola Public Interest Law Journal

William P. Quigley, J.D.

"Law or Justice? What Future for the Legal Profession?"; 14 Intercultural Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 93 (2019)

College of Music & Media

Alice Clark, Ph.D.

"The Fourteenth-Century Motet"; in The Cambridge History of Medieval Music

Valerie Goertzen, Ph.D.

"Brahms Arrangements"; in Brahms in Context, Cambridge University Press

College of Nursing & Health

Brent Becnel, DNP, Patricia Pearce, Ph.D. and Emily Eiswirth, DNP

"Geographical mapping of advanced practice registered nurses in Louisiana: Leveraging the power of data display"; Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

John Dewell, Ph.D

with Y. Y. Liu

"Practicing What We Preach: Faculty Level Factors Impact on Service Learning"; Louisiana Journal of Counseling

with B. D. Wilkinson

"Cognitive Complexity: Differentiation and Integration in Counselor Training and Practice"; Journal of Counseling & Development

Janet DuBois, DNP

"An APRN cliffhanger in Florida: Political competence in action"

"Pneumonia."; In Kennedy-Malone, Martin-Plank, & Duffy’s Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults

Christine Ebrahim, DNP

"The Ties That Bind." In Springer, S.I., Moss, L., Manavizadeh, N., Pugliese, A., (Eds.) (2018) A School Counselor's Guide to Small Groups: Coordination, Leadership, & Assessment.

with Kellie Camelford, Ph.D. & B. Herlihy

"The relationship between implementation of the American School Counselor Association National Model and secondary school counselor burnout."

Laurie Anne Ferguson, DNP

with Others

"Follow-Up Approaches to a Health Literacy Intervention to Increase CRC Screening in Rural Community Clinics: A Randomized Control Trial"

Debra Friedrich, DNP

"Hyperlipidemia."; In Kennedy-Malone, Martin-Plank, & Duffy’s Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults

"Hypertriglyceridemia: A review of the evidence"

Jeanne Harper, Ph.D., Mary Burke, Ph.D. and Emily Eiswirth, DNP

with C.S. Doyle

"Development of an Associate Degree Program National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses Preparation Course to Enhance Student Success," Teaching and Learning in Nursing

Warren Hebert, DNP

"Health systems change, innovation, and interconnectedness"; HomeCare Magazine

"A family full of nurses: Familial influence as over 20 opt for a nursing career"; Nurse Leader

"A new angle on the business of aging"; HomeCare Magazine

with J. Gunn, D. Bydalek, G. Rikabi, L. S. Hammonds, C. Hughes, & B. Lincoln

"Offering culturally congruent Christian care"; Journal of Christian Nursing

with Others

"Cultural care: It is the right thing to do"

“Offering culturally congruent Christian care”; Journal of Christian Nursing

Tracey Lamont, Ph.D.

"Catholic Schools as Spaces for Transformative Encounter"; Religious Education

"Mentoring with Meaning: How Educators Can Be More Professional and Effective"; Journal of Catholic Education

Cynthia Langford, Ph.D. and Patricia Pearce, Ph.D.

"The power of the article title: How to interest others in your work"; Journal American Association of Nurse Practitioners

"Increasing visibility for your work: The importance of a well-written title"; Journal American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Monroe Library

Susan Brower

"Using FLEXspace to Create Learning Spaces"; Louisiana Virtual Academic Library Conference, November 2018

with Nick Folse, Gina Sansivero and Scott Tiner

"AVaaS = Audio Visual as a Service"; Consortium of College and University Media Centers 2019 Conference

with Shirley Dugdale, AIA; Rebecca Frazee, Ed.D. and Lisa Stephens. Ph.D.

"Tools, Traits, and Teams: Planning and Assessing Effective Learning Spaces"; Educause Annual Conference 2018

Victoria A. Elmwood, Ph.D.

"Bridge Over Troubled Water: Finding a New Home in the Library"; Journal of New Librarians

"Framing Information Literacy: Teaching Grounded in Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice"; Association of College and Research Libraries

"The Five Types of Summer Vacation"; JSTOR Daily Digital Magazine

Elizabeth Joan Kelly

"Club Clanger" (music piece for electronics)

with Ayla Stein Kenfield, Genya Morgan O’Gara, Liz Woolcott, Caroline Muglia, and Santi Thompson

"Measuring Reuse of Institutionally-Hosted Grey Literature"; in the International Journal on Grey Literature; TextRelease

with Lucy Rosenbloom

"Self analytics and personal digital archives in university collections"; Collection Management Journal; Taylor & Francis